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empowering amputees

through innovative wellbeing and bionic solutions

in Armenia and beyond


Accompanying the amputees in their journey towards a new life




Printing well-conceived covers with different designs



Using our expertise to improve the comfort and potential of our amputees


Our Goals

Help war victims and amputees through a sustainable and innovative approach to address the renewed and ongoing need for affordable, high-quality solutions.


Create disruptive innovation locally in Armenia to benefit disabled communities globally.


Empowering war victims, veterans, and amputees through a holistic, end-to-end approach to reintegrating them back into society.

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Our Community

In life, there are many things in that are more painful than the loss of a leg, arm or other body part. One of them is fear. It is impossible to live a full, happy life if every step or decision dictates that fear. A person with a disability is not a person who has lost a leg, arm or other body part. That's what you have to overcome - the psychological state. Life is wonderful and it goes on. Let's be strong - let's overcome that state of mind.

Zaven Zakari Maroutyan

Amputee from the 2020 Artsakh war


1993-94 and 2016 war veteran, 2020 Artsakh war commander

We all live our lives hoping for a better future. But it is important to remember that we must put ourselves first. We simply have no right to despair or wait for the pity of others to achieve our goals. Putting our hopes on ourselves, with our strong will and strength, we are able to overcome all the difficulties that have arisen against us.

Stas Nazaryan

Amputated from the 1988 Spitak earthquake


President of the Armenian Paralympic Federation, 6 time participant of the Paralympic Games, coach and athlete

Disability is not a verdict, it is a struggle that is given to the strong, because only they can overcome all the difficulties and endure that struggle. Disability should not be a reason to give up on your goal, on the contrary, it should increase your desire to achieve the goal.

Gohar Navasardyan

Disabled in 2003 due to post-traumatic meningitis


Program Coordinator at Armenian National Paralympic Commitee

For a long time I was convinced that life is a straight path, but for some of us this 'straight path' deviates. Life often puts us in inevitable situations. After my amputation, I had many questions about my life. One of which was 'What can I do with a prosthesis?' The answer: everything. After changing direction from the standard way of life, you start living fully. Never forget, everything is possible.

Artur Babloyan

Amputee from the 2020 Artsakh war


2020 Artsakh war participant

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