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Develop advanced mental health solutions and bionics to empower the amputee community. We are driven by a holistic approach focusing on both psychological and physical empowerment; while also creating a public good by training and educating students, veterans, and amputees

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psychological empowerment

A booklet and app have been created which include:

  • fitness and mental health exercise for remote patients

  • a comprehensive how-to for care of the prosthetics and covers

  • access to a community and entities that can help in aspects of their lives

Prosthetic Covers

  • Protective, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable to the individual patient

physical empowerment

Create an innovative, AI-driven, yet affordable bionic prosthetic with electrical propulsion and bionic sensors that allows wearers to regain or transcend original mobility levels, especially in difficult environments, such as staircases or inclines.

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education & enablement

Training students, veterans, and proffessionals; enable Armenia's prosthetics industry.

  • Educational programs on covers and bionic prosthetics hardware & software

  • ongoing training of lawyers at the American University of Armenia

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Facial Prosthetics

3D-printed face prosthetics with 'Doctors without Borders' and FabLab Dilijan

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Providing access to amputee physiotherapy in rural areas

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3D Prosthetic Paw

3D-printed paws for wounded dogs [ongoing]



Project-based learning educational programme with TUMO Labs

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Mental Health Training

Program for lawyers dealing with amputees & war victims with CFTJ at the American University of Armenia

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