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Ways to Donate

Gateway Industry

  • This option is tax-deductible for US citizens

  • Donations take place through our US-based partner Gateway Industries Inc 501c

  • Select PayPal or Venmo and mention 'oqni' as a reference


European Union

  • This option is tax-deductible for citizens of the EU

  • Donations take place through our German-based partner HayArmat e.V. and mention 'oqni' in the subject

Banking Information is as follows:

HayArmat e.V. 
Kreditinstitut: Skatbank
Bankleitzahl: 830 654 08
Kontonummer: 4105494
IBAN: DE 42 8306 5408 0004 1054 94

Direct Bank Transfer

  • What is oqni about?
    We are determined to develop AI-based bionic prosthetics, mechanical prosthetics, and covers as well as advanced mental health solutions to empower the amputee community. We are driven by a holistic approach focusing on both psychological and physical empowerment; while also creating a public good by training and education students, veterans, and amputees.
  • Where is oqni located?
    We are an Armenian-based NGO located in Yerevan but founded by an interdisciplinary team of Diasporan Armenians from the USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and, of course, Armenia. Our offices are at the Engineering City, where we are surrounded by amazing startups, companies and NGOs who advance STEM in Armenia.
  • What is a bionic leg?
    The main objective of biomechanics is the reproduction of function and movement mechanisms of the human body. Biomechanics thus allow an amputee who has artificial limbs to control it thanks to the targeted muscle innervation process. Generally the sensors are installed in the healthy leg, the information is sent to different motors of the robotic prosthetic via an artificial intelligence module.
  • What is a cover?
    Covers sit over all the parts between the socket and the end of the prosthetic For comfort and aesthetic reasons: you can customize your own cover to fit personality
  • This option is a direct bank transfer to our bank account at AmeriaBank

  • Donations can be accepted in dollars, dram, euros, or rubles

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